Plus (Metadata Dictionary for Salesforce)

Search, download, categorize, visualize, and optimize all of your org’s metadata with Plus. A comprehensive metadata dictionary.

About Plus

Plus creates a copy of all your metadata, which lets you run reports and discover metadata relations and dependencies.

  • Metadata search and download:
    Download metadata in bulk. Search metadata by name or search within all apex code.

Getting Started

  1. Install the application from the Salesforce app exchange. You can find it under the name “Plus”.

Metadata Backup

Types of metadata supported

  • Code

ApexClass, ApexComponent, ApexPage, ApexTrigger, AuraDefinition, AuraDefinitionBundle, LightningComponentBundle, LightningComponentResource

  • Configuration

CustomField, CustomObject, EmailTemplate, FieldSet, Flow, Layout, PermissionSet, Profile, RecordType, StaticResource, ValidationRule, WorkflowFieldUpdate, WorkflowRule

Metadata Search

There are different ways you can search the metadata in your org.

Metadata search using Plus App
Metadata search by Salesforce global search.
Metadata search by using Salesforce reports (under the Plus report folder). Or create new reports on the Metadata__c custom object
Embed “PlusMetadataLookup” lightning component as a “Utility Bar” or standalone component to any “lightning app/home page layout”

Metadata Download

There are different ways you can download the metadata in your org.

  • Use Plus App. Search metadata using filters and then click the ‘Export’ icon to download results in CSV format.

Some important fields to consider using while downloading metadata

  • RecordType Type of metadata like ApexClass, CustomField, etc

App Reports and Dashboards

Reports Categorize metadata by the owner, objects, API version, managed packages, etc.

Dashboards The app also comes with a lightning dashboard (PlusApp dashboard) giving an excellent in-depth insight into your org metadata by grouping them by the owner, objects, API version, managed packages, etc. You will be surprised to get this perspective.

Metadata Details

View complete metadata details.

  • Tooling response
    Get thorough details on any metadata by looking at the tooling response. Developers will appreciate this.
Get detailed information on any metadata. Add custom notes and tags.
View apex and formulas code. Enable versioning for backup and recovery.
Identify metadata relationships and dependencies to help with metadata health and cleanup.

Metadata Tags

  • Tagging allows you to categorize metadata(s) in a more informal way than assigning it to an owner or record type. Example, source, business line, project, team, etc.
Create and manage tags
Add metadata to custom tags
See metadata for the selected custom tag

Metadata Tickets

  • Within the app, create tickets on metadata. This will help you better organize tech debt and help you track the progress and have assignees.
See all tickets created within the app
Create a new ticket on any metadata
Create a new ticket on selected metadata

App Services

  • PlusApp on install asks you to schedule a batch. This batch will run each morning for a few minutes and maintain the latest metadata copy.

How to find unused fields and record types on an object?

Run job

  • Open the PlusApp
Calculate populate percentage on all fields and record-types for an object.

Monitor job

  • Wait for the batch to complete.
The banner will be displayed if there are Plus jobs running
Monitor Plus App Jobs under Salesforce “Setup -> Apex Jobs”

View/export results

  • View results in the PlusApp.
View and download FieldTrip job results for any object.


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